Developer Idde Zijlstra has been working for TimeTell since August 2015 and gives insight in one of his working days as a developer.

The alarm clock rings and I jump under the shower! I then wake the children and help them get dressed. I fill their lunchboxes whilst the children are eating breakfast. Usually my wife brings away the children, but today I bring the eldest to school.

When the eldest is dropped off at school, I take the subway to the office. Once arrived at the office, I greet my colleagues and get a cup of coffee. Then I go downstairs and start on my projects..

I check my mailbox for urgent messages. No emergencies today so I get started with my projects. Twan Linschoten and I are responsible for the web client within TimeTell.

What has been done and what still needs to be done? There are some alterations :a good idea to check what could be done better and whether things can be added, to provide even more functionality to the Expense Module, so that our customers have even more options. In between I also receive questions from our helpdesk. Questions that are too technical will be forwarded to the developers. Matters like bugs that are found in the software need to be looked into. Sometimes this takes more time and we then give feed-back to our customers, that more time is needed.

Meeting with all our developers. We have this once a week and all project are discussed. We also discuss the approach of colleagues [who are responsible for web, app and windows] and whether this could help some of the other team members.

Very busy with developing. Good planning software is half the work. I make sure the updates are set up for testing. The update is then being placed on the test server. We test with our entire team and once everything has been double checked then the update will be available for our customers. I get a lot of satisfaction out of my job, because I know that it helps our customers. It is great to make something that 90.000 customers use on a daily basis.

I finish the last things and go home to be with my family.


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