Office manager Mirjam van der Spek has been working for TimeTell since December 2010 and gives insight in one of her working days as a office manager.

The alarm clock rings on different times, depending on the day. Today the alarm clock goes off at 06:45 and I go downstairs to fix breakfast and to make some lunch packages.
The children get dressed themselves and whilst my husband is walking the dog, I organize some things in the house.

Whilst the children are eating breakfast, I can shower and get dressed. A good planning is essential and I check the TimeTell App if there are any alterations.

The eldest goes to high school and takes the bicycle. I double check if they have everything and take the youngest to elementary school. I walk him to class and wait until the bell has rung,
I say goodbye and step into my car.

The coming days there are courses and I make sure that everything is ready. The first attendees are coming in and they are helped with coffee and tea. Once the attendees have started I make sure everything has been cleared and then I start on my tasks.

Brief meeting with the CEO about what’s to happen this week and what has already been done. I am responsible for the billing and the administration within the company and make sure that everything goes smoothly.

The phone rings, I am the first contact and make sure that our customers end up being connected to the right person. Then I set up the lunch for the company and the guests.

Lunchtime is a lot of fun at our company and I join them in our lunchroom.

I am busy billing and administrating then I check whether the meeting room is tidy and that my mailbox has been cleared. I then go and pick up the kids and bring away the eldest for her sporting activities.


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