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Just good software is not sufficient for a good solution. A good customer-specific implementation is essential. TimeTell is a standard package, that can be adjusted through parameters to meet customer-specific requirements en wishes. Only then the best result can be achieved with TimeTell.


Customized Reports

If clients request customized reports, we can build them with the help of our flexible report module.



TimeTell can be coupled with other applications. It is possible to import as it is to export.
Our consultants can realize this in cooperation with your company. We have a lot of experience with realizing couplings. Most frequent requests are:

Conversion and Adjustments

After a certain period, clients need to update to the latest version of the software. One is then ensured of a up to date version, that is fully supported. Many clients like to be assisted when a conversion should take place by one of our TimeTell consultants. Often this moment is also used to alter any settings in TimeTell and to make use of the latest functionalities that have become available after the release.

Application Management

there is no capacity or expertise within the company to execute the application management of TimeTell, then a TimeTell consultant can be hired for a couple of hours a week. This can be a combination of local or remote support. For a fixed price a month, the support is ensured and we will make sure that if a consultant is hindered, that there is a replacement. This makes sure that the continuity of support is guaranteed.

Project Management

We have a lot of experience with the implementation and roll out of TimeTell. Clients can make use of this by hiring one of our project leaders, who will be responsible for the implementation route.


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