TimeTell has been cycling for the past months for the “On the Bicycle Works Better” project which is currently the 20th edition.

Thousands of employees are being motivated to cycle more often to their jobs. The goal is to decrease the amount of traffic in the region and to increase the health of their employees. Isn’t it great to feel fitter by cycling to your work on a daily basis? Most of our employees have sitting jobs and this project was the perfect to inspire them to an even healthier lifestyle.

Six employees of TimeTell have participated in the “On the Bicycle Works Better” project. All cycled kilometers count. If the goal of 3 million kilometers is reached then the MRDH donates €10.000 to the foundation “Forgotten Child”. They help children in the Netherlands that have to grow up in foster care due to an unstable home environment.

The previous months our employees have cycled through the seasons.

The top six distances are:
[1] Twan Linschoten with 1390 kilometer.
[2] Ben van Mierlo with 1289 kilometer.
[3] Chantal Marie Brink with 898 kilometer.
[4] Jan Doggen with 700 kilometer.
[5] Femme Pronk – Zaaijer with 145 kilometer.
[6] Jeroen v/d Meer with 78 kilometer.

We have cycled a total of 4484 kilometers. We are very proud of this achievement.

We hope to join the “On the Bicycle Works Better” project next year.

Winter is coming and it is important to stay fit the coming months. This can be done by bike
depending on the weather conditions.


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