TimeTell Planning

Project Planning

With TimeTell, a detailed plan is made for your projects. A project can be subdivided into main and sub tasks. Planning overview is supported graphically in the form of Gantt charts providing increased insight to all stakeholders.

Project management is dynamic in nature and planning needs to be constantly adjusted in response to external pressures. The TimeTell baseline can be edited easily to reflect such changes and create adjusted versions of the plan. Because TimeTell also offers the possibility to keep track of actual project hours, it is also the foundation for new and adjusted project plans based on real facts.

Resource Allocation Planning

It is a challenge to allocate the right resources to the right projects. On the one hand there needs to be insight into available capacity and competencies and on the other hand there needs to be insight into the availability of the required resources. Once that insight is there, achieving optimum allocation of the resources is straightforward.

TimeTell rises to this challenge successfully. TimeTell’s unique feature is its pragmatic approach to the issue. Our experience with developing timesheet software means we have been able to develop a user-friendly and powerful planning application. What is unique about TimeTell is that the resource & budget allocation and timesheets can all be managed in the same software application. And because you only need one application, it is easy to compare your plans with the actual situation

Budget Planning

Many organisations want to keep track of their budgets. A budget can be expressed in terms of either money (time * tariff) or time. In the TimeTell application, the budgets can be allocated to projects, products and/or activities. TimeTell has the powerful ability to monitor and compare the actual time and money spent against the budget.