Flexibility with TimeTell- AES Airplane Equipment Services GmbH

Flexibility with TimeTell. The Organization AES Airplane – Equipment & Services GmbH provides services to the aircraft industry. It is focused on the needs of both aircraft equipment manufacturers, aircraft interior manufacturer and the airliners. The decisive factor for choosing TimeTell was the substantial form of flexibility that TimeTell offers in regard to individual requests.

Besides time registration it was very important to AES Airplane Equipment Services GmbH that by using an interface ( because of the cabin maintenance) to digitize this and to simplify by using the other software interfaces to streamline the internal process. The signing in and off registering happens through the terminal or through the App. TimeTell is also being used for Leave & Absence. Also the scheduling of hours can be done easily in TimeTell.

Furthermore AES Airplane Equipment Services GmbH uses the Interface Module through which activities and projects can be registered. AES Airplane Equipment Services GmbH also uses bar code registration. By using bar code registration, it is made visible within the software which employee is working on project a,b,c.

Max Reinhardt (Project Manager, AES Airplane Equipment Services GmbH). We are extremely satisfied with the software. For us it is very important to have personal contact on a frequent basis with one of the TimeTell Consultants.

Opening TimeTell big succes!

TimeTell Opening! On Friday the 27th of January, we welcomed our clients in our new headquarters. You can now find us at the Willem de Bijelaan 147 in Voorburg – the Netherlands. The past year the building was renovated to fulfill our needs and wishes. Heuvelrug architects created a concept which included a lot of transparency and light by using a lot of glass.

Interior designer Panis made sure to create the right atmosphere by using cheerful colors that gave the inside of the building the right amount of warmth. Clients and partners were given a tour in the new building in which the TimeTellers work with a lot of joy. Besides this there was also the opportunity to discuss the latest TimeTell developments.

We value our clients and find job satisfaction very important. For our course participants we created an inspiring course room and a meeting place. Each month we have TimeTell courses that are given by our expert consultants. You can follow a course on time registration, functional management or on reports. They teach new and existing clients on how to use the software or how they can optimize the use of the software for their Organization.

We hope to see you in our new building!


Proud of collaboration between TimeTell and Schenker Logistics

Schenker Logistics Netherlands is the partner in international transport and logistic services. Parent company DB Schenker has 2000 locations worldwide (in 130 countries) and connects the economic regions via sea, over land and through air with one another. In the Netherlands Schenker has a network of logistic centers/offices throughout the Netherlands (15 locations).

Angelina van den Enden – Teamleader Compensation of Benefits – working since 2013 at Schenker Logistics in the Netherlands, tells about the collaboration with TimeTell and Datafox. Since 2006 Schenker uses the software of TimeTell for time registration on projects. In the years that followed, Schenker has expanded the possibilities of TimeTell by further implementing various time registration options throughout all of the warehouse locations within the Netherlands.

TimeTell makes use of its terminal registration through the hardware of Datafox. At this point in time, Schenker Logistics Netherlands uses over 40 Datafox terminals throughout the various locations. Through these terminals 3000 employees register their presence/departure on a daily basis. This data is linked to a HRM system that Schenker uses, which makes the processing of hours easier, because there are various shifts of hours which needs to be processed. TimeTell calculates the correct fees by the time registration, that has taken place. The collaboration between TimeTell and Schenker Logistics Netherlands has been intensified because of this.

The Datafox terminals for time registration are stable and reliable. Currently through the various locations within Schenker are being equipped with the latest terminal model: the Evo 4.3. This terminal makes it possible to process the time registration and job registrations. TimeTell and Schenker Logistics Netherland have a solid collaboration.

TimeTell moves to new office

Dear clients,

As of the 1st of January, we have a brand new office. Our new location is the Willem de Bijelaan 147 in Voorburg, the Netherlands, which is 500 meter from our old office.

The building dates from 1969 and used to be an infant welfare center. The past few months it has been renovated thoroughly. The outside has not been adjusted and has maintained its character. The inside has been fully demolished and build back up from scratch. We are very proud of the result.

On Friday afternoon ( 27th of January) from 15:30-17:30 we invite you and our other clients to come and see our new building and discuss the latest trends in our software.

We hope to see you on the 27th!

Kind regards,
Ben van Mierlo & Jeroen van der Meer

Change of Address

We are moving! With 25 employees and over 500 Organisations and 93.407 users, TimeTell has become an important player in the industry of Time Registration and Planning.

Our current building no longer fulfilled our demands and we outgrew it. We found a beautiful new building which is 500 meters from our current office in Voorburg. The office has been used in the past by health and care institutions.

During the summer renovations were started. The interior of the building has been demolished and was renovated. Meanwhile our new office has been transformed to a light, spacious and modern office, foreseen with all comforts that one could wish for.

On Wednesday the 28th we will move to our new office. This means that on this day, you will not be able to reach us. The 29th we can be reached again!

We wish you Happy Holidays!

Kind regards,
The TimeTell Team

Our new address from the 28th of December will be:
TimeTell B.V., Willem de Bijelaan 147, 2274 KV Voorburg, Telefoon 0031-(0)70-3114811

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