Good quality software is not enough for a good software solution. Professional and customer specific installation is key for success. As TimeTell is a standard package, which is adjusted to the specific customer needs by means of adjusting parameters and installing interfaces. Only then optimum results will be achieved.

Installation by experienced and committed consultants

Setting specific goals in the software installation phase is essential. This implies predetermined agreements and clear expectations. A plan of action will be agreed upon. Many of our customers have a TimeTell workgroup or even a steering committee. The workgroup will guide the installation, watch over the functioning of TimeTell and optimize the use of the software solution.

Other consultancy services

In some cases extra consultancy is necessary after the installation has been finalized. Of course this is possible. Depending on the nature of the activities the consultant will either visit you or support you remotely

Customized reports

On request customized reports can be built by our consultants. This is done by means of the Report module.

Conversion and redesign

After a certain period of time an upgrade to a newer version of TimeTell is necessary. Performing updates ensures an up-to-date software solution with full helpdesk support. Often the help of a TimeTell consultant is wanted during this process. In many cases the opportunity is taken to review the current design of TimeTell. If necessary or desired a redesign is made and installed making full use of the new features of the latest version of TimeTell.

Application management

When there is no one available within the organization to manage TimeTell, it is possible to hire a TimeTell consultant for a certain number of hours per week. This can be on site and/or through remote support. Support is ensured for a fixed price per month. A replacement will be arranged by TimeTell when the consultant is not available. This way the continuity of the support is guaranteed.

Project management

Naturally, we are very experienced with the installation and roll-out of TimeTell software. Customers can make use of our expertise by hiring a TimeTell project manager. He will be responsible for the installation process and monitoring the progress.


Feel free to contact us. We are happy to discuss the possibilities with you. You can reach us by phone +31(0)70 311 48 11 or via our information request form.