The TimeTell Planning module is a user-friendly and intelligent support tool for planning personnel, tasks, activities and/or projects. In order to compare the planning to the actual realization the Planning module can be easily combined with the Time Registration module.

Why choose the TimeTell planning solution?

Personnel planning


Personnel can be scheduled into shifts (day, evening or night shift)


(Sick)leave is taken into account in the planning


Employees can check their workschedule in the TimeTell App


Synchronisation with MS Outlook

Project & Resource Allocation Planning


Planning on tasks, activities and projects


Graphic visualisation in Gannt charts


Milestones and baselines


Matching capacity based on supply and demand

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Personnel planning

Planning shifts

In TimeTell, shifts can be manually assigned to your personnel. This can be done by using competence profiles. The profiles are connected to employees. Day-, evening- and nightshifts with recurring patterns can be created. Employees can see their shifts in the TimeTell Calendar via the TimeTell App and/or Web application.

Project planning


A project consists of several phases which are all connected and should be performed sequentially. In TimeTell complete project plans can be made including graphic visualisations of all phases in Gannt charts. TimeTell also offers the possibility of working with dependencies, baselines and milestones.

resource allocation planning


Availability is part of the allocation Planbord and gives insight in the number of hours employees are available. The availability of an employee is bases on sick leave, holidays, contract hours, work schedules and competences, which are all registered in the employee details in TimeTell. Sick leave and holidays can be registered in TimeTell or can be imported from another system. Based on this information a holiday planning can be made.

Allocation Planbord

The Allocation Planbord is the heart of the TimeTell planningprocess. On the Planbord the demand for capacity (resource allocation) meets the supply of capacity (availability). Based on this information employees are scheduled in on a week- or dayplanning. This planning can be made available in the TimeTell Calendar and synchronised with the MS Outlook Calendar.


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