TimeTell Plaza - tips from the Helpdesk

Below you will find a number of usefull and practical tips from our Helpdesk

Audit Trail
Sometimes it can occur that the application manager of TimeTell cannot explain why certain activities have been registered in TimeTell or why they have been removed. If Audit Trail is used, then it becomes visible who has executed these alterations. The Audit Trial is a handy tool, but we do advise to regularly clear it out. The database of TimeTell quickly grows with data when the Audit Trial has been activated , which can cause a lesser performance. To prevent the Audit Trail from gathering too much data, it is important to carefully select which information should be audited. Cleaning out the Audit Trail can be done through the menu ‘Maintenance’ ‘Audit’ ‘Clean Out’.

The calculations of last year, will no longer be shown in the balance overview: if the balance has “expired”. You can make the calculations visible again by selecting “Show calculations” for “All calculations”.

Booking on a project/activity/client
Sometimes  it can occur that an employee cannot book on a project/activity/client. This is because  on the tab “Details” “Booking hours by”: Team/Organisation has been selected. The employee then needs to be added to the tab “Team”. If the tab is grey and unclick able, then on the tab “Details”  a box “ inherits from” will be clickable.