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AES Airplane Equipment Services GmbH

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AES Airplane Equipment Services GmbH

Flexibility with TimeTell. The Organization AES Airplane – Equipment & Services GmbH provides services to the aircraft industry. It is focused on the needs of both aircraft equipment manufacturers, aircraft interior manufacturer and the airliners. The decisive factor for choosing TimeTell was the substantial form of flexibility that TimeTell offers in regard to individual requests.

Besides time registration it was very important to AES Airplane Equipment Services GmbH that by using an interface ( because of the cabin maintenance) to digitize this and to simplify by using the other software interfaces to streamline the internal process. The signing in and off registering happens through the terminal or through the App. TimeTell is also being used for Leave & Absence. Also the scheduling of hours can be done easily in TimeTell.

Furthermore AES Airplane Equipment Services GmbH uses the Interface Module through which activities and projects can be registered. AES Airplane Equipment Services GmbH also uses bar code registration. By using bar code registration, it is made visible within the software which employee is working on project a,b,c.

Max Reinhardt (Project Manager, AES Airplane Equipment Services GmbH). We are extremely satisfied with the software. For us it is very important to have personal contact on a frequent basis with one of the TimeTell Consultants.


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