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CBRE USA | Global Workplace Solutions

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(North Carolina, New York, New Jersey, Massachusetts)

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CBRE NEW YORK started working with TimeTell

In Europe nearly all the CBRE subsidiaries in several countries use TimeTell. This year the first users in the USA also started working with TimeTell.

For CBRE it’s important to know how employees spend their time. Time is limited and also expensive, so you have to spend it carefully. With project time registration in TimeTell, you have insight into time spending and the progress of the project when using the Budget module.

The main reason for CBRE USA to choose TimeTell is the user-friendliness of the software.

The implementation project of the TimeTell software has started in Charlotte, North Carolina. Now also employees in the Tri-State region New York, New Jersey, and Massachusetts started working with TimeTell.

The next step will be the integration with the Peoplesoft software, the standard HR software of CBRE.