CBRE: “ The strongest characteristic of the TimeTell application is, that adjustments are easily made and processes can be easily fine-tuned. “

CBRE is an international advice agency for commercial real estate.

A year ago PeopleSoft was implemented in all the European offices for all the financial processes. Given that this was not a solution for Resource Planning and Time Registration, CBRE was looking, for an additional application, which could solve this in an efficient and user-friendly manner. TimeTell seemed like a suitable solution.

Matthieu Steenbeek, Senior Director Project Management, about the objects in relation to the use of TimeTell: “ To operate our business adequately, we wanted one application for Time Registration and Resource Planning, to get insight into our financial situation for each Business Unit ( Revenue, Forecast, Invoice) and for each Project. Within TimeTell it is possible to manage Peoplesoft ( which is responsible for the invoicing) and this contributes substantial with the increasing efficiency that has been made.”

The application has been evaluated positively by CBRE, especially the user-friendliness and the reporting possibilities. In April 2014 CBRE has started with TimeTell and the initial implementation went according to plan. “ The aftercare has been longer and more intensive due to altered insights after using TimeTell. Due to the continual question within the business, asking for more and better information, has resulted in a larger documentation and guardianship in TimeTell, then originally planned for. The fact that scope alterations were done later in time, shows off the strongest characteristic of the application, it is very simple to adjust or to fine-tune processes.”
Matthieu Steenbeek is very satisfied with the knowledge of the TimeTell consultant. “ The consultant that has guided us, has done this in an excellent way. There are several specific matters that were set up in regard to reports/exports and imports, that have helped us tremendously. Such as the cockpit report, a forecast report and in and export function that make sure that information with PeopleSoft can be exchanged.”

Bayer CropScience

Bayer CropScience: “TimeTell is extremely user-friendly, which has helped enormously with the roll out of Time Registration”.

Undr the brand Nunhems, Bayer CropScience offers expert advice and first-rate seed in 28 crops.

Bert Uijtewaal, Coordinator Special Projects: “We were looking for an efficient system for our time registration. A demonstration in our headquarters was done by TimeTell consultants, who convinced us quickly. The consultants were well prepared and had prepared examples that were made for our specific sector. Currently we are using TimeTell worldwide for time registration for our Research and Development department with 800 employees. They register time on different project/crops. These projects can also include a R&D tax credit mark, so that these registrations can also be used to justify the R&D tax benefit. Currently we are also exploring the options whether the modules calendar and planning meet our demands.”

Bert Uijtewaal: “Our experience with TimeTell has been very positive. It is extremely user-friendly and it has helped us tremendously with the roll out of time registration. Before time registration was registered with the helped of MS-Excel files , but worldwide this was not done uniform. With the help of TimeTell, it could quickly be standardized and rolling out time registration even further. For the users it has become more user-friendly, but for the administrators it proved to be time efficient, as on a weekly basis they were now saving hours.

Since October 2015, TimeTell 8 is available, Nunhems is currently “trial running” in a test environment. “ We are running a trial with TimeTell 8, to see how everything is working and whether the new aspects, need to be explained to our users. For each user level this has to be investigated and evaluated. The transition to TimeTell 8 has been planned for the first quarter of 2015. Our expectations are high. We are looking forward to the web based application, which we want to implement, which will make the use of it even easier for our travelling users.”


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