Digital Transformation – working in the Cloud.

Are you working in the Cloud already? It has become evident through research that the CBS did, that the “Dutch are above average Cloud users”*. The Netherlands belongs to the top five EU countries with the highest use of Cloud computing. Is your Organisation already working in the Cloud or are you thinking about moving your data to the Cloud? TimeTell Cloud is the ideal solution for companies that wish to work online with Time Registration and Leave & Absence Registration through the web.

Maybe handy to first answer – what is Cloud computing?
If you are working in the Cloud, you are making use of Cloud applications such as TimeTell Cloud, Dropbox, iCloud etc. This software works entirely through the web. The only thing that you need is internet. You can easily work from any location, as the data is in the Cloud. Organisations no longer need to occupy themselves with hardware, managing the software or updating the software. Important to know is that the safety and the security of the data is guaranteed by the Organisation who is providing you with the Cloud environment. Cloud computing is a service through which users can store their data online.  The data will then be accessible for those who will work within the Cloud.

Why is it beneficial to your Organisation to make use of Cloud computing?
The application is always accessible and approachable online. Something that is becoming more and more important in the digital era. Being able to work from any location, is a big benefit for many Organisations. The simplicity, user friendliness and the speediness are all factors which should be considered when looking for Cloud software. Not having to worry about the technical maintenance either, as the company that you have hired for Cloud computing does this. Automatic updates and a daily back up, will ensure that you are always working with the latest version. You do not have to invest in software/servers, which is cost-effective on the long term. It is common that all of these characteristics are brought under in one contract.

The Cloud environment of TimeTell
– Lower costs for internal IT-Support.
– TimeTell software is to be approached through the internet.
–  No large investments in hardware.
– Always having the latest version of the software available.
– Fixed amount per month on the basis of number of users.
– Your data is stored within the Netherlands.

Are you looking for a Time Registration and Leave & Absence Registration system? TimeTell Cloud is the solution for companies who wish to work through the web in a quick and safe manner.

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Source: Three out of ten companies use paid cloud services. – CBS.


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