Energetically getting through the summer by using smart Planning!

Energetically getting through the summer by using smart Planning!

The summer has finally arrived in the Netherlands, which is amazing but can also bring a lot of distractions. How do you make sure that the energy levels of your employees do not drop entirely?
A well thought-out plan is important throughout the summer months.

Tropical temperatures?
Make sure to have a pleasant climate within the office. When the surrounding environment is too warm, then the productivity of your employees will decline. We are trying to avoid this by any means. Make sure that there is enough shade and ventilation in the building. Your employees will be more productive and cheerful  in a cool environment.

How to organize your Vacation planning?
Which employee, goes when? It can occur that employees wish to take leave in the same period. How do you solve this? Make sure to use a good Planning tool, that easily gives insight in who is on holiday and who wants to take leave. Don’t forget to take vacation regulations into account, or the company regulations. It’s smart to plan ahead, so that all of the summer vacation planning is known.

Stimulate your employees to take Leave
Vacation is essential for employees because they need to regain some of their energy. We are all human beings, who sometimes experience work related stress. If these employees do not go on vacation , their energy levels and their productivity will drop. Stimulate employees to take leave, so that they can recharge their battery.

Deliver what you promise!
The phone might ring a little bit less during the summer season, but there is always enough work to keep busy. Make sure that when employee a is on holiday, that employee b will fill in their shoes temporarily, so that the workflow is not discontinued. It is wise to make clear agreements on what needs to be done and what has priority.  Do not loose overview during the summer period, as this is often a more quiet period and can be used to execute tasks that didn’t have the main focus before.

Good Riddance
During the summer, more time is available to spend on forgotten projects and incomplete work. This way you are well prepared for the hectic times ahead. Each company will experience a different peak moment and if this is insightful then appropriate measures can be taken.

Cherish your employees
Employees love their job, but during warm days, the outside is ogling. After all it is not a punishment to sit in the sun. Therefore it is wise to make the work environment enjoyable with cooled water and fresh fruits. Great achievements are easier achieved when all the matters surrounding one are well taken care of.

TimeTell offers a great solution called TimeTell Planning which beholds everything surrounding Planning. We offer several modules that help to gain insight.

Reach out to us through info@timetell.com or call us at +31703114811

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5 Tips for Successful Time Registration

5 Tips for Successful Time Registration

TimeTell has been developing Time Registration and Planning Software since 1992. For the last 25 years, our software developers have been working on simplifying the software, to offer a super user friendly product. We want to make it possible, that by only clicking once, insight is given to our users. What did you register, for what have you been scheduled and what are the results of a project? These are only a few examples of questions, to which TimeTell can provide the answer. Every Organisation is unique and there are many ways in how TimeTell can be implemented.

1.Make use of an easy Time registration method
Time writers want to be able to write time on their activities in a quick and easy manner. The administration of worked hours can become a time consuming task, unless there is good software, that can ease the process. If you have to administer your hours through an old fashioned method, then this can cause your enthusiasm to drop quickly. There are companies that still use notes and Excel, as their time registration method. Of course there is nothing wrong with this, but it takes a lot of time and energy. Over and over you have to think: “Which project”?, “Which Client”, “Which Activities”?, should I register. Choose a method that will provide you with immediate insight when registering and should decrease the amount of time spent on registering this. Our preference is digital because this can be automated.

2.Streamline the work processes within your Organisation
It is very important to streamline your work process, because this can save you a lot of time. This will allow you to spend more time on other activities . If there are activities that you perform every day, make sure to make a standard template, to win time. However this does not mean that the quality of this template shouldn’t’t fulfill the highest standards and should meet the expectations of the Organisation. After all time is precious and you want to spend the won time as best possible, in order to achieve great results. Looking at your schedule of the past week, which activities consume a lot of time? What could be improved next week?

3. Availability versus Efficiency
We are living in a time in which one should always be available, but isn’t’t this something we are prescribing ourselves with? It is not wrong to create a moment in which you are not susceptible to the exterior world. After all some activities are not suitable for interruption and require constant focus. Create a quiet moment, which will allow you to work nonstop on a specific project, without being distracted by the phone and your inbox. After all you are the captain of the ship, determining which route is best to sail. In the end the client will be thankful because your time and energy has been well used to answer his/her question. Make sure to build in a moment of quietness, to round up all of your work and to register your activities.

4. Preventing Procrastination
Obstacles will always appear along the way, but how do you make sure that you are not losing too much time? The procrastination of work, causes a lot of loss of time. Why are you procrastinating on a certain project? Are you missing pieces of information or are you uncertain of the right way forward? Make sure to detect the problem and to address it.

5. Automating Hour Registration
Wouldn’t’ it be great to have a system that registers hours and also automates this process? Employees that do this manually and who have to create an overview, lose a lot of time. Through an automated system, you will see how much time was needed for a certain project, who was working on the project and which tasks have been executed. The great thing about this is that you know exactly what still needs to be done, and when to intervene.

Time registration provides a clear overview of all the activities and the time spend on them. Hour accountability can also be used to bill a client. The right hour registration ensures more revenue in less time. Time Registration, Leave & Absence Registration, Clock & Access Registration, Resource Allocation Planning & Calendar and Project Planning can be used to get a better insight in the work flow of your Organisation and the activities.


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