Got the post-holiday blues?

TimeTell loves to help out with some tips!

Got the post-holiday blues? We are experts in Time Registration and value every minute of your time. During your vacation, you do not need to worry about time. However at a certain point, you will go back to work. Five tips to defeat the blues and get back into the working saddle.

Being active and eating healthy
Start the day in a healthy manner, by eating food that contains the right nutrients. You should feel more energized! Often people tend to exercise less during the holidays. Make sure to schedule a workout every week, as it results in a healthy body and relaxes the mind. It also makes you more productive.

Take your time
It’s the last day of your vacation and many people will start feeling the blues. Your mind starts boggling: tomorrow I have to go back to work, piles of work will be stacking up for me etc. Let go of this feeling and take you time to get acclimatized. Unpack your suitcase and take time to adjust being back. Don’t check your mailbox, leave it for the day you are back at the office. It also allows you to remain just a little bit longer in the holiday mood.

First things first!
Being back at work, can be a bit strange at first. Colleagues will be interested in your vacation stories, so tell them, enjoy a cup of coffee and then get started. Opening your mailbox can cause some suspense. Dozens of emails will need to be read, do not panic. Prioritize and work through them, one by one.

Plan a new trip
The best remedy against the blues is a nice event or planning your next vacation. Meeting up with friends, discovering new places in the States or spending some quality time with your family. It will give you energy and will ensure a positive feeling.

Execute new ideas
The best ideas often pop up during a holiday. Rest and another culture can give inspiration. What could you do better in your life? Many people have a moment of self-reflection during their holidays. What would I like to see different? Time to chase after those dreams. What is holding you back?

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