Flexibility with TimeTell- AES Airplane Equipment Services GmbH

Flexibility with TimeTell. The Organization AES Airplane – Equipment & Services GmbH provides services to the aircraft industry. It is focused on the needs of both aircraft equipment manufacturers, aircraft interior manufacturer and the airliners. The decisive factor for choosing TimeTell was the substantial form of flexibility that TimeTell offers in regard to individual requests.

Besides time registration it was very important to AES Airplane Equipment Services GmbH that by using an interface ( because of the cabin maintenance) to digitize this and to simplify by using the other software interfaces to streamline the internal process. The signing in and off registering happens through the terminal or through the App. TimeTell is also being used for Leave & Absence. Also the scheduling of hours can be done easily in TimeTell.

Furthermore AES Airplane Equipment Services GmbH uses the Interface Module through which activities and projects can be registered. AES Airplane Equipment Services GmbH also uses bar code registration. By using bar code registration, it is made visible within the software which employee is working on project a,b,c.

Max Reinhardt (Project Manager, AES Airplane Equipment Services GmbH). We are extremely satisfied with the software. For us it is very important to have personal contact on a frequent basis with one of the TimeTell Consultants.

A day in the life of a developer within TimeTell

Developer Idde Zijlstra has been working for TimeTell since August 2015 and gives insight in one of his working days as a developer.

The alarm clock rings and I jump under the shower! I then wake the children and help them get dressed. I fill their lunchboxes whilst the children are eating breakfast. Usually my wife brings away the children, but today I bring the eldest to school.

When the eldest is dropped off at school, I take the subway to the office. Once arrived at the office, I greet my colleagues and get a cup of coffee. Then I go downstairs and start on my projects..

I check my mailbox for urgent messages. No emergencies today so I get started with my projects. Twan Linschoten and I are responsible for the web client within TimeTell.

What has been done and what still needs to be done? There are some alterations :a good idea to check what could be done better and whether things can be added, to provide even more functionality to the Expense Module, so that our customers have even more options. In between I also receive questions from our helpdesk. Questions that are too technical will be forwarded to the developers. Matters like bugs that are found in the software need to be looked into. Sometimes this takes more time and we then give feed-back to our customers, that more time is needed.

Meeting with all our developers. We have this once a week and all project are discussed. We also discuss the approach of colleagues [who are responsible for web, app and windows] and whether this could help some of the other team members.

Very busy with developing. Good planning software is half the work. I make sure the updates are set up for testing. The update is then being placed on the test server. We test with our entire team and once everything has been double checked then the update will be available for our customers. I get a lot of satisfaction out of my job, because I know that it helps our customers. It is great to make something that 90.000 customers use on a daily basis.

I finish the last things and go home to be with my family.

TimeTell cycles 4484 kilometers!

TimeTell has been cycling for the past months for the “On the Bicycle Works Better” project which is currently the 20th edition.

Thousands of employees are being motivated to cycle more often to their jobs. The goal is to decrease the amount of traffic in the region and to increase the health of their employees. Isn’t it great to feel fitter by cycling to your work on a daily basis? Most of our employees have sitting jobs and this project was the perfect to inspire them to an even healthier lifestyle.

Six employees of TimeTell have participated in the “On the Bicycle Works Better” project. All cycled kilometers count. If the goal of 3 million kilometers is reached then the MRDH donates €10.000 to the foundation “Forgotten Child”. They help children in the Netherlands that have to grow up in foster care due to an unstable home environment.

The previous months our employees have cycled through the seasons.

The top six distances are:
[1] Twan Linschoten with 1390 kilometer.
[2] Ben van Mierlo with 1289 kilometer.
[3] Chantal Marie Brink with 898 kilometer.
[4] Jan Doggen with 700 kilometer.
[5] Femme Pronk – Zaaijer with 145 kilometer.
[6] Jeroen v/d Meer with 78 kilometer.

We have cycled a total of 4484 kilometers. We are very proud of this achievement.

We hope to join the “On the Bicycle Works Better” project next year.

Winter is coming and it is important to stay fit the coming months. This can be done by bike
depending on the weather conditions.

Meet us on the 1st of November during the ADP Customer day

On the 13th of October the Expenses Module was presented in YouMeet in Papendorp.  The new Expenses Module makes claiming expenses very simple and efficient. This module is available through the App, Web or Windows and can stand-alone or in combination with one of our other modules.

Did you miss this event? Not to worry because we would love to meet you on the 1st of November at the ADP Customer day.

We will present our software products at 10.35-10.55 and 13.15-13.40. We would love to tell you why TimeTell is the solution for you.
Did you know that TimeTell can be used for Leave & Absence registration, Time/Hour registration, Calendar management and Budget? On this day Reinout de Ruiter, Femme Pronk and Jeroen van der Meer will be present to answer all of your questions.

We hope to see you there!
If you would like to go to this event, please contact us through info@timetell.com

A day in the life of a office manager within TimeTell

Office manager Mirjam van der Spek has been working for TimeTell since December 2010 and gives insight in one of her working days as a office manager.

The alarm clock rings on different times, depending on the day. Today the alarm clock goes off at 06:45 and I go downstairs to fix breakfast and to make some lunch packages.
The children get dressed themselves and whilst my husband is walking the dog, I organize some things in the house.

Whilst the children are eating breakfast, I can shower and get dressed. A good planning is essential and I check the TimeTell App if there are any alterations.

The eldest goes to high school and takes the bicycle. I double check if they have everything and take the youngest to elementary school. I walk him to class and wait until the bell has rung,
I say goodbye and step into my car.

The coming days there are courses and I make sure that everything is ready. The first attendees are coming in and they are helped with coffee and tea. Once the attendees have started I make sure everything has been cleared and then I start on my tasks.

Brief meeting with the CEO about what’s to happen this week and what has already been done. I am responsible for the billing and the administration within the company and make sure that everything goes smoothly.

The phone rings, I am the first contact and make sure that our customers end up being connected to the right person. Then I set up the lunch for the company and the guests.

Lunchtime is a lot of fun at our company and I join them in our lunchroom.

I am busy billing and administrating then I check whether the meeting room is tidy and that my mailbox has been cleared. I then go and pick up the kids and bring away the eldest for her sporting activities.

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