TimeTell application up-to-date?

Is your TimeTell application up-to-date and are you ready for TimeTell version 9? Several times a year TimeTell software updates are being released. Updates contain new and/or improved features as well as bug-fixes. Why is it important to stay up-to-date and what new features does TimeTell 9 have in store for you?


Why are updates important?

Online customers are updated automatically. This is part of their hosting and maintenance contract. On-premises customers need to update their TimeTell application themselves. We strongly advise to keep up with the updates. This ensures having access to the latest features and it prevents having to deal with issues which have already been solved. When support from our helpdesk is needed it is also important to be on one of the latest versions of TimeTell.

TimeTell Administrator of on-premises customers will have received all information and technical requirements on the TimeTell 9 update. If there are any questions about performing the update, TimeTell administrators are authorized to contact the TimeTell Helpdesk for support.


TimeTell 9

Currently TimeTell 9 is being released. This update contains 50 functional improvements and 50 small fixes. This might seem a lot, but many technical changes are made in the background and are not noticeable on the front-end. As technical security requirements are constantly changing also new security adjustments were necessary in the background.
However on the front-end there are several big new features. There is now a dark mode in the Windows, web and app application of TimeTell. It is also possible to make Excel list reports in TimeTell 9. And custom fields can be added to the report. Technical adjustments have been made to facilitate API imports. And the Planning module has new features.

All TimeTell administrators will receive or have already received the necessary information and documents to prepare their organization for the TimeTell 9 update. Again, if assistance is necessary or if further information is needed, TimeTell administrators can always contact our Helpdesk.


Manuals and release notes on TimeTell Plaza

On TimeTell Plaza Manuals and Release Notes are available. These contain a full overview of all new features and changes and how these can be applied. TimeTell Plaza can be found under the Help button in the toolbar of your TimeTell application.


Want to know more?

Contact us. We are happy to discuss the possibilities of TimeTell for your organisation.